• SEIKAKU was established
  • China factory and Hong Kong office were set up.
  • Expanding the plant area 20,000m2 for further production
  • SEIKAKU passed ISO 9002 certificate.
  • SEIKAKU started to run the business of OEM and ODM market.
  • SEIKAKU recruited R&D engineers and department in China and established anechoic room, semi-automatic room and B&K equipment in China for precisely testing audio equipment and digital audio analyzing system.
  • SEIKAKU passed ISO 9001 certificate.
  • SEIKAKU passed ISO 9001 guide 25 certificate.
  • SEIKAKU enlarged its China factory plant again.
  • R&D department was divided to PA, Audio, and Sound teams.
  • SEIKAKU set up the testing process of AUDIO PRECISION equipment for AUDIO series products and enhanced the equipment for the wireless microphone system.
  • Our Anechoic room passed ISO 3745 certificate.
  • ▲LTO is established by SEIKAKU
  • Professional audio line
  • SEIKAKU started to apply for the VDA 6.1, QS9000, and ISO2001 factory certificate. All of our staffs make the most efforts in providing the best service and quality.
  • In October, all SEIKAKU staffs were devoted to ERP system.
  • Jun.:
    SEIKAKU decides to reorganize the production line and involve itself to manufacture some components or parts, such as wooden case, transformer, or plastic case etc..
  • Jul.:
    For fulfilling its goal, SEIKAKU purchases a land in 50,000 ㎡ just next to its factory.
  • Sep.:
    The 1st SMT production plant was built. The standard of the production environment meets the strictest requirement.
  • Oct.:
    SEIKAKU introduced its facilities / factory to the distributors from over thirty countries.
  • Jan.:
    ▲LTO MOBILE-THUNDERDOME,won another innovation award in 2004 CES MOBILE .
  • Mar.:
    Another OVERWHELMING ▲LTO sales meeting in Frankfurt; Released more than 100 new product and also innovative design ideas.
  • Sep.:
    SEIKAKU started to prepare the facility for its own wooden case manufacturing shop.
  • Oct.:
    SEIKAKU purchased its 1st plastic injection machine. At the same month, the new facilities / buildings were introduced to ▲LTO distributorsduring the 2004 ▲LTO DAY and also SEIKAKU = s customers while they visited the factory.
  • Jan.:
    For more efficient product design procedure, SEIKAKU conducts a data managementsystem Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) which helps to run the procedure better from market demand, design concept, technical evaluation, engineering procedure,preproduction and mass production.
  • Jul.:
    in order to improve the working environment, secure occupational safety, And reduce industrial wastes, we have successfully implemented program Of environmental protection--ISO14001
  • Apr.:
    SEIKAKU got the ISO9001 & ISO/TS 16949:2002 certificate which approved by TUV Company.▲LTO Russia distributor & dealers visit SEIKAKU China factory
  • Aug.:
    SEIKAKU Sports Meet celebrates for 16 years in China.
  • Oct.:
    ▲LTO distributors join 2006 ▲LTO DAY in SEIKAKU China factory.
  • Jun.:
    ▲LTO Italian distributor and dealers visit SEIKAKU China factory
  • Jul.:
    ▲LTO Thailand distributor and dealers visit SEIKAKU China factory
  • Aug.:
    SEIKAKU Sports Meet celebrates for 17 years in China